“Naturally radiant and redolent of the classic American Folk tradition, everything about Hanna and her songs oozes effortless quality and while she makes it look easy, that’s what the best ones always do.” James Partridge- Owner of Blue House Music Agency and Record Label

“It’s been a real pleasure watching the development of Hanna’s art. From singing with the family band, to her blossoming into a full fledged songwriter, Hanna continues to inspire.” Brian Griffith- Music Director KRCB FM


Link to listen to Hanna’s EP, Unstruck.

Hanna Haas is a songwriter drawn to the dance of light and dark. Currently based in Portland Oregon, she has come to call the entire West Coast her home. Hanna describes her music as “contemplative folk,” identifying with artists Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, and Feist for their alternate tunings and mesmerizing melodies. Inspired by environments in which she has inhabited, Hanna sings of the dramatic landscape of Big Sur, the California sun, and the vast and open Pacific Northwest sky. Hanna loves to engage her audiences in sweet story telling and laughter, leaving her audience in a state of heart-felt introspection.

Hanna has played countless shows in Portland, OR and has become a part of the close knit community of West Coast artists. Hanna recently returned from touring overseas with the music agency Blue House Music which manages artists such as The Shook Twins  John CraigieMarty O’ReillyJeffrey MartinAnna Tivel, and several others. She plans to record an album this Autumn. 


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